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Communicating research findings to key stakeholders

Communicating research findings to key stakeholders

Making research findings easy to understand

Undertaking qualitative research that adds significantly to your own understanding is one thing.  But how about communicating research findings to key stakeholders? How do you capture the attention of busy parents and teachers? How do you translate a detailed research report into something that is easy to understand at a glance?

Background and approach

In August and September 2017, our Leapfrog Research business was asked to run a series of community consultations on behalf of Rozelle Public School (RPS). The school wanted to better understand community feeling around several important recent changes. They were keen to understand the perspectives of teachers, parents and students.

In particular the school wanted to understand reactions to the recently adopted flexible learning space. And within this framework, they wanted to explore reactions to  the pedagogical learning approach currently being trialed in year 4.

The research also had a second concurrent objective of informing the school’s three year plan.

Based on the brief, Leapfrog Research undertook a series of focus groups and in depth phone interviews.

Communicating research findings to key stakeholders

As a school with very strong stakeholder relationships, Rozelle Public School knew it was also important to share and communicate the research findings with parents.

For this reason we provided a range of recommendations for communicating the research findings to key stakeholders, particularly the parent body.  Recommendations included changes to existing internal processes and systems, as well as producing professional infographics to communicate key messages at a glance.

How did Rozelle Public School build on research findings to better communicate with parents and stakeholders?

Using a one page PDF format, we helped prioritise key messages and research findings, and then incorporated these into two clear and effective infographics.

The first summarised all the key research findings, with a focus on those most relevant for the three year plan. The second infographic highlighted outcomes specifically related to the flexible learning space.

These infographics have been emailed to parents, printed and displayed at the school, and included within reports.  They are able to be used in multiple ways going forward as well.

About Rozelle Public School

Rozelle Public School (RPS) is a large, local primary school in Sydney’s Inner West focusing on quality teaching. It is a well-respected school which in particular is recognised for its exceptional school community.


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