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eLearning platform for health professionals

eLearning platform for health professionals
eLearning platform for health professionals
eLearning platform for health professionals

What is The Falls Prevention Online Workshops program? is a specialist fall prevention elearning platform for health professionals, that is the brain-child of Professor Lindy Clemson.  Lindy is one of Australia’s most respected researchers in the field of fall prevention and is highly regarded for her work across the world.

The vision of this project is to improve access to her training programs, particularly for post graduate Occupational Therapists and other health professionals; thereby improving the health outcomes for older people at risk of falling. is a new website that has the built-in capability to host a range of online training programs.

The initial course to be hosted on the site, Community and Home Hazard Reduction, uses a behavioural approach to falls prevention, encouraging the therapist to work with the client to develop practical and acceptable solutions to identified risks.

How did Juntos Marketing work with Professor Lindy Clemson to create a specialist elearning platform for health professionals?

As a first stage, we developed a clear, professional and attractive design.   This was was then applied across the website, the elearning platform and to all teaching materials.

We then designed and developed a custom-built website, including a secure payment gateway and a seamless link to the elearning hosting platform moodle.

The next step involved the Juntos Marketing team adapting existing slides from a format that was suitable in a face-to-face context, to a format more suited to online learning.

This included updating the design, reviewing the content and advising on changes, incorporating new graphics, altering the slide layouts and incorporating video.  It also involved the introduction of a 6 module structure with a full review of supporting course materials and adaptation to ensure resources are downloadable in appropriate formats.

The final go-live stage involved extensive testing and trouble-shooting to ensure the process is seamless for participants and easy to manage for the site owner.

Falls prevention elearning workshops

What value did Juntos Marketing deliver with this new specialist fall prevention elearning platform for health professionals?

By translating Lindy’s face to face program to an online, elearning platform, we have ensured that the specialist fall prevention programs can be accessed by a much wider group of post graduate Occupational Therapists and other health professionals.  The Community and Home Hazard Reduction program will now be much easier to access for therapists outside Australia, as well as those in regional and remote settings.  As the site grows and other elearning offers are added, it is anticipated that the reach of the site will extend further.

Since launching at the end of 2016, the has had over 400 enrolments – a very promising start for a website with minimal investment in promotion.

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