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Trade show marketing materials

Trade show marketing materials
Trade show marketing materials
Trade show marketing materials

Who is PhysioTherapy eXercises?

PhysioTherapy eXercises is a free web-based tool that allows physiotherapists to  generate tailored exercise programs specifically designed for clients with an injury or disability.

Users can access and easily tailor over 1000 exercises to meet the needs of individual clients. Therapists can then send an individualised exercise booklet to their client, via email, SMS or via the PhysioTherapy eXercises custom app.

All the exercises available on the portal have been developed, tested and categorised by senior, respected physiotherapists, thereby providing free access to reliable and trusted exercise programs. It is run as a not for profit organisation.

In 2015, PhysioTherapy eXercises had a unique opportunity to showcase its offer at the World Congress of Physical Therapists, held in Singapore.

How did PTX use Juntos Marketing to develop trade show marketing materials?

Given their key conference goal to build awareness and usage of their portal, Juntos Marketing developed a range of professional, appealing, branded marketing materials to promote and showcase PhysioTherapy eXercises.  The marketing materials were also designed to provide a mechanism to easily start a conversation with trade stand visitors.

All design elements were based on the existing branding and look.

The trade show marketing materials included a trade stand display, business cards, posters, flyers, bookmarks and stickers. The stickers were given out freely to conference delegates with the aim of building awareness and curiosity for PhysioTherapy eXercises, and to encourage visitors to the trade stand.

How did the trade show marketing materials add value for PhysioTherapy eXercises?

This one-off conference opportunity was seen very successful in generating awareness of PhysioTherapy eXercises among a much wider group of health professionals from Australia and around the world.

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