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Marketing strategy and social media management

Marketing strategy and social media management
Marketing strategy and social media management
Marketing strategy and social media management

Who is StudyLink Connect?

Have you ever thought about the complexity behind the student admissions process for universities across the globe?  Universities receive tens of thousands of applications from both domestic and international students, either directly or via agents.

StudyLink Connect has developed a market leading software system that streamlines the entire application process for all parties, making the process more efficient, improving conversion rates and allowing university admissions teams to meet their compliance requirements and minimise risk.

How did StudyLink Connect use Juntos Marketing’s marketing strategy and social media management services?

Our specialist strategic marketers worked with the StudyLink Connect team to develop their marketing strategy, based on a strategic marketing workshop involving all key stakeholders, and coupled with a thorough review of relevant business documents.

In StudyLink Connect’s case it was important to focus on reviewing and updating their key brand messages, as well as prioritising the direction of their marketing efforts for the coming 12 months.  The ultimate strategy document was concise and business-friendly.

How did their marketing strategy and social media marketing add value for StudyLink Connect?

StudyLink Connect’s marketing strategy provides the road map and a clear framework for consistency across all their marketing efforts.  The agreed key messages have now been used in case studies, enewsletters, blog posts and within social media posts.

The structure of the themed content calendar allows the business to undertake updates and activities in a more streamlined and efficient manner, and by providing hands on marketing assistance and social media management across several platforms, Juntos Marketing has been able to grow the business’ reach and presence.

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