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Website, social media, health promotion campaigns

Website, social media, health promotion campaigns
Website, social media, health promotion campaigns
Website, social media, health promotion campaigns

Who is Sydney Local Health District (Sydney LHD)?

Sydney LHD provides a wide range of public health care services across 8 Local Government Areas in central Sydney.  The service caters to a socially and ethnically diverse population.  The health promotion unit is responsible for a wide range of primary health strategies and interventions.

How did Sydney LHD use Juntos Marketing with their website, social media set up and health promotion campaigns?

By tapping into our specialist copywriting and website marketing assistance, Sydney LHD kept one of their important health promotion websites up to date (

By participating on our tailored training in social media set up and management, the Sydney LHD team were able to gain greater skills to effectively use social media in health promotion campaigns and to promote key messages more effectively (including twitter and facebook).

And targeted advertising and PR across local newspapers and publications were also used to support specific health promotion campaigns (Go4Fun and Get Healthy), with a key objective being to promote the programs locally, and to increase enrollment numbers.

The GetHealthy telephone coaching service runs statewide, and is recognised as a highly effective approach to weight management, with a focus on diet and physical activity.  The Go4Fun program targets overweight primary aged children, with the aim of educating both children and their parents, in an approach that combines healthy eating and physical activity.

How did the website marketing assistance, social media set up and health promotion campaign support add value for Sydney LHD?

Staff now feel more confident and capable to launch and run planned social media sites.  All information on the Healthy Beginnings website is up to date.  The area achieved improved local area awareness and local attendance in key health promotion initiatives – Get Healthy and Go4Fun.

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